Who is Sersano & what do they do?

Sersano: Breathe. Move. Pause.
Being present in the moment changes everything–mentally and physiologically. That’s why mindfulness is the simple key to becoming better versions of ourselves:

  • More positive, creative, focused, and adaptable
  • Healthier, more energized, and resistant to stress
  • Better at solving problems and upholding positive relationships with others

In less than 15 minutes a day, Sersano makes it easy to live a better life through mindfulness.

Sersano participants consistently report a 30% reduction in their stress level

What people are saying:

  • I feel calmer and more level-headed.
  • With increase in stress of work, my stress level hasn’t raised as much as I expected.
  • It was like hitting the reset button for all those who participated on the most stressful of days. It was an opportunity to re-focus for everyone. Very worthwhile. Thank you.
  • I’m sleeping better.
  • It helped me maintain my balance and re-establish my priorities.

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