Stress Management through Mindfulness

A 5-Day Home-Based Retreat

//Stress Management through Mindfulness
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You Are the Boss of You
Act Like It

When life starts to spin and things start to change, it is easy to respond by reacting to the world around you. But the real secret to managing this stress is to first realize that you are in control of your choices. Then, act accordingly.

In 5 days, we’ll teach you how to:

  • Sit still and breathe
  • Understand whose agenda is driving your behavior and responses
  • Free your mind from the paralysis of competing problems
  • Grow to be intentional and controlled in your choices, which:
    • increases your productivity and intentionality
    • drives self-reliance and independence
  • Develop an ongoing personal routine based on the practices learned

Our Breathe Move Pause program will change how you relate to the world around you, creating a space for courage and allowing you to heal from the inside out. We’ll break down complicated and scary feelings, make them manageable, and develop the skills needed for emotional independence.

What’s next? Just sign up and show up.